I'm commenting on my own personal blog thingamajig because I don't want to air this out on OppoLock. I used to go to the site because it was the exact opposite of Gawker. No one got personal, everyone got along, and I didn't hear the "stupid southerners/white people" bull crap that I did on the liberal mother site. That has changed lately.

Yesterday, after reading comment after comment about how all southerners were dumbasses, a post on OppoLock pushed me over the edge. I argued, I raged, and I stated that I would kick someone's ass if they said those things to my face (which I still stand by). Today, it's a rage against "straight white people".


I have come to the realization that, while the vast majority of authors on Opposite Lock post great material, I cannot handle the few who post offensive remarks. I come to the website to have a good time, not to feel the need to justify my intelligence or argue the fact that all white people aren't evil.

Odds are, no one will be reading this. And they certainly shouldn't on OL, as it has no place on a website devoted to cars. This is more for anyone who wonders where I went, goes to my history, and finds this.

I'll be starting my personal hiatus from all Gawker Media websites starting now. Have a Smartbusa.